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Like my daddy use to say:
"Breed Quality, Not Quantity and sleep well with Honesty and Integrity"

Breeding quality Hunting Dogs has paved the way for us to meet and work with some of the top trainers in the world so when it comes to Hunting Dogs, we strive on excellence and will settle for nothing less. When you are in the field hunting, the last thing you want is a hunting dog that just won't do what you need them to do. That is why we spend countless hours researching pedigrees to ensure that you get a well bred Hunting Dog. Backyard breeding is a big issue in the dog world today and you must be very careful when choosing your labrador puppy breeder. There are a lot of genetic problems that can occur when you don't carefully research pedigrees and we at want you to understand that we have completely and thoroughly researched every breeding that we list and stand by our puppies with a guarantee that is second to none. We only breed top bloodlines with extensive genetic free history in pedigree, free of hereditary disorders and never anticipate any health problems. However, it is also important to understand that it is impossible for any breeder to completely guarantee that your new puppy will be free of hereditary disorders. Our Guarantee was created under the strict guidelines of AKC-American Kennel Club and the OFA-Orthapedic Foundation for Animals and we feel comfortable saying that we feel sure that there will be no problems but nothing is impossible. Please feel free to contact us or come by and visit us and see for yourself what a quality breeding facility is all about.

Our Hunting Dog Retriever Trainers are available to train your new hunting dog upon request.
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Hunting Dogs .net was started to give the everyday hunter access to some of the best well bred Labrador Hunting Retriever puppies in the united states. Hundreds of Hunters all over the US have experienced the quality of life with our Hunting Dogs and we extend the invitation to you to as well. As you may already know, Hunting dogs are not only good for hunting birds but make incredible family companions as well due to their high intelligence level and personality. Hunting Retrievers are loveable, sweet, kind and smart dogs which make them the ideal pet that dad can also go hunting with. We welcome all levels of hunters to buy from us but only breed the top of the line when it comes to our Labrador Retriever Puppies. We are available 7 days a week to answer any questions that you may have a about our wonderful, well bred, Hunting Labrador Retrievers. aka "Hunting Dogs"

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